Being a Mother is absolutely the best part of me. I love being a Mother and I absolutely love my 3 little men.

Being a Mother and working full time is a challenge. A challenge I’ve accepted and that I don’t regret. But sometimes it’s just.. exhausting!

It’s hard to keep track of everything.. Between cooking/laundry/cleaning, baths and feedings, school drop off/pick-up plus work (…).. there is just not enough hours in a day!!

Sometimes I get home and I’m so tired.. I wish I could just go to bed and disconnect but of course it’s not possible because I have these 3 little men that depend on me.. That want to play.. That need me.. And even during the night I still wake up to breastfeed a couple of times.. It’s like I never ever stop completely. And I don’t.

I’ve been having bad days, where exhaustion seems to almost win.. And I lose my patience and I feel like such a bad mother.. But I am trying.. And I really am doing my best.. Although sometimes I don’t feel like it..

So today, I leave you all with this image, as a motto for the bad days.. ❤️





Monochrome Dream – Review

Being a Joy and Joe baby Ambassador is already a big honor, but being allowed to preview this amazing wrap before release, it’s the cherry on top of the cake! 😉

I was really excited for the first release of 2016 and so when my fluffy mail arrived I can assure you I wasn’t the only one eager to try it..

So here it goes! Monochrome Dream is the first release from 2016 by Joy and Joe baby. It will be released in two colors: silver and gold. I’m #teamsilver all the way 😉

Monochrome Dream is a medium weight wrap at 352 GSM (don’t be scared of the weight as you don’t really feel it!!). It’s 100% Egyptian Cotton and it’s ready to use as soon as you take out of the box! How cool is it, that you don’t have to wait to start wearing? So of course we had to try it immediately!

And once again, great! The way it wraps is just awesome. It reminds me of SMP Noir which I own and so I could compare it even better. I love how grippy it is, how you tie a knot and it stays. I don’t think there’s much breaking needed really!

This is a very easy and also easy care wrap. And the price is just so great! This is def a great wrap for beginners but experience wrappers won’t be disappointed as well!

So far I’ve only tested with my almost 4 months old but he obviously approves! I managed some perfect transfers! 🙂

I must admit that despite being a huge monochrome fan, the design wasn’t one of my favorites. You all who know me knows that I’m a skull girl, so the way to my heart will always be through SMP, HOWEVER, I’m loving more and more these stripes! They are stylish and neutral. You can use this wrap with both formal and informal clothes. To a wedding or to a bar. It goes with pretty much everything! They look stunning!

And once again the versatility of the wraps.. Look how awesome this hammock! My 3 boys loved it!


Once again, an excellent job done by Joy and Joe baby! If this is how the year started regarding releases, I can’t even imagine what more comes our way.. But I can’t wait!!!

Now.. Are you ready? Don’t let this pass.. You’ll regret it!!




Review – Stretchy Joy and Joe Baby

Although I’ve been baby wearing for over 2.5 years, it was only with the birth of my 3rd boy that I finally tried a stretchy.

Lovely Bisi from Joy and Joe Baby, was kind enough to send me a stretchy as a present for the birth of Alex. It’s always good to have this special attention from a person and company that means so much to you. Thank you again my dear friend! ❤

Now speaking of the stretchy.. The first thing that popped was the color! Beautiful turquoise! So bright! And it also comes with a little hat, which is adorable! The stretchy is so soft! I thought I was going to be overwhelmed by all the fabric and I wouldn’t know how to properly use it but I must say it’s quite intuitive. It was love at first wear 😉

Alex immediately fell asleep..


As usual, baby wearing keeps my sanity when my little one is upset.. It’s great to know that this never fails.. He always relaxes while being worn..

Sometimes only baby wearing AND coffee save the day.. 😉


Long story short, I love my stretchy and I recommend to all newborns! It’s so confortable and easy to use.. It really feels like a second skin.. ❤




Happy baby wearing!


Baby wearing

Baby wearing.. What is it?
Baby wearing is keeping our babies close, safe.. Is having our hands free in order for us to do our tasks at home, go out without the hassle of the stroller getting in the way, to take care of other children while baby naps, or simply have our hands free for a nice cup of coffee while reading a book..

Yes, baby wearing is all about our babies.. but is it just that?
No.. There is so much more behind it!

Baby wearing brings us, baby wearers, together.. We meet new people that understand our “geekiness”, we can talk hours about carriers, materials, yarns, wefts, etc..

We get excited with new releases, we dream about getting that special unicorn.. but most important than that, is when you make good friends. Yes, beautiful friendships are born through baby wearing..

Thank you Tania Pinto (babywearing consultor in Portugal – Algarve), for the treats you sent me today.. I’m super excited to try your ring sling and give it much love! I promise to take good care of it until it goes back to you!

Please check my beautiful friend out! And if you need any help regarding baby wearing advice and you are in Portugal, please contact her.. She’s awesome! ❤

Tania Pinto – Colinho de Amor




Joy and Joe Baby – Fountain of Love Review

Joy and Joe Baby is a very special brand to me. I can say that it was my very first love in this wonderful world of baby wearing. Their SMP design completely stole my heart on their first release with SMP Black&White (I still dream that maybe one day I’ll own it..) 😉 After other releases I finally was able to purchase the SMP Noir (my special wrap that will never EVER leave).. So I guess I could say that Joy and Joe Baby and I, we have a love story..

I was very lucky to have been chosen to test their beautiful SMP Midnight Rainbow, an amazing wrap.. And when they asked for testers for their new project, since my life was so chaotic, I decided to step back, just because I thought I wouldn’t be able to give the so deserved attention to this wrap. I really believe that if you commit to something, you should do your best. However, right before this beautiful tester was about to leave The Netherlands, I got a message asking if I really didn’t want to test it.. Like.. Last call.. How could I say no?? And I’m so happy I didn’t!

So here it goes! Fountain of Love is.. (and I quote from their website)

our high end collection of premium quality woven wraps woven with the top of the range yarns and weaving techniques. The uniqueness of the fountain of love comes from not just the its elegant brocade design but from the collaborative efforts of our expert team consisting of textile designers and engineers, scientists and babywearing consultants who have been working behind closed doors since last year to create this unique weave never been seen before in the babywearing industry. Brocade designs are mostly special occasion textiles and they exude this intriguing baroque romance fashion style.

Yarns: 50%  Luxurious Italian combed cotton + 50% Mercerized cotton Weave: Double weave with a broken twill weave effect and some technical weaving procedure that we call ‘the formula’ What to say about this wrap as soon as I opened the package? Pure Luxury! Really!


love the bag..


The encounter..

The encounter..


Look at this beauty..

The design is not what I would normally buy, or so I thought, but I have to admit, it’s beautiful and wrapped looks.. amazing! And the texture? Soft.. So soft.. In comparison to SMP Noir, I find it softer and thinner.. But don’t get me wrong, it’s so supportive!

I had to make a test run, my son was asking me up but as soon as he was up, he wanted to be put down.. so excuse his maybe not so friendly face.. eheh

IMG_2480                   IMG_2482

I made a quick DH and had absolutely no issues with it, good grip, sliding beautifully into place..

Next day I tried the wrap with my 4yo, I don’t normally wear him but I do like to test my wraps with him since he is heavier and bigger, helps me to get an idea of how it will be in my near future..

IMG_2492 IMG_2491 IMG_2494 IMG_2493

Again, perfect! I did a ruck tied tibetan and loved it. He liked the experience, I think that if I have kept him there a bit more he might have fallen asleep all cuddled up.. 😉

The following days I tried several carries and all were comfortable, in my shoulders, on my back, for my son..

You can actually see this is a high end wrap and it’s so worth the money value.

Yes it is more expensive than the normal range that Joy and Joe Baby have made us used to but they have really really stepped their game. Imagine an expensive high quality wrap that’s a beast and needs breaking in. Now imagine that same expensive high quality wrap already broken in, new from the HQ, ready to use.. Priceless..

And don’t be afraid of handling this wrap.. I didn’t take extra precautions to avoid pulls or loose yarns.. I wrapped like I do with all my wraps and had no problems with it. Perfection!

IMG_2495    IMG_2496IMG_2532IMG_2548  IMG_2521


Love love love this heart detail

    IMG_2546 IMG_2545  IMG_2604 IMG_2617    IMG_2614 IMG_2612 IMG_2618 IMG_2621 IMG_2620

I have to mention that this wrap doesn’t have a “wrong side”. I mean.. Look at it! It’s beautiful both ways!! Inside out or not, I love them both!!

I was very sad to send the wrap to the next tester as I ended up feeling I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to but the little I did was great! I was happy to get the Black and White (I have a tendency of liking monochrome wraps) but I think that the Pink and the Mustard are just lovely too! So suitable for summer!

In my opinion this wrap is suitable for beginners and also for newborns.. I can’t wait for my squish to join us in December.. Maybe there’s another wrap by then that I can test with 3 different ages.. 😉 *hint*

Thank you once again for the opportunity! It’s always a pleasure to work with you Joy and Joe Baby. ❤

One of the most important safety rules of baby wearing.. close enough to kiss.. <3

One of the most important safety rules of baby wearing.. close enough to kiss.. ❤